Western Story Game (coming soon)


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    Western Story Game (coming soon)

    Post  Chuck1 on Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:40 am

    BIT.Games studio announces “Western Story”, their next foray into social game genre. The game is best described as an interactive animated story based on cowboys’ adventures in the Wild West. Players and their friends can overcome all the hardships of the Wild West (with a good deal of comic): learn a profession to live in the city, resist the villains, take part in chase and get/do a lot of quests with other well known characters.

    The game will be launched sometime in August later this year. Following the release of Facebook version, the game will come out on iOS, Android platforms. Learn more about the game at it’s official website (western-story.com) or it’s Facebook page (facebook.com/WesternStoryGame).

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