Diablo III~Best talent tree for Witch Doctor?


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    Diablo III~Best talent tree for Witch Doctor?

    Post  rudyrjs on Thu Jul 05, 2012 7:42 pm

    So regardless of the fact that lots of people say WD is a pointless class, I am still using it because I think it a great change from the previous class collection from Diablo and Daiblo II.

    What stats / gearing and build should I be looking for in-order to solo act 3 once my WD hits 60?

    I am currently using an attack speed / dart build with splinters. It is fairly effective for my level, but with the IAS nerf I realize it will probably taper off in inferno.

    So what should I be looking for, and what should I expect to pay for a full WD inferno gear set? any spec suggestions?

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